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Baked Potatoes


Our PAPADs are made from pure tapioca milk, which comes from cassava tuber. This is commonly known as Sabudana Papad / साबूदाना पापड़ / ஜவரிசி அப்பளம் / Vadam / Papadam / Appalam etc.

The taste of tapioca is very rich which makes it best suited for tasty and flavourful Papads. We make our papads in small batches and we do not add any preservatives or additives. All our ingredients are 100% natural!

This is how we make our papads

Good quality ingredients!

It is so simple to provide good quality and good tasting Papads. But yet we have not found a single Papad that is nearly as good as ours. All it takes is good quality ingredients and some care in making them!

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" The best Papad I have ever tasted "


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