• 100% Natural Cold Pressed Sesame oil
  • Made in small batches from handpicked high-quality Sesame seeds
  • 2% natural organic “Panna Karupatti” (palm jaggery) is added to aid the extraction of oil and to balance the natural bitterness of sesame seeds. Panna Karupatti is rich in nutrients. (other brands use sugar or sugar-cane jaggery, which is cheaper and, is not as nutrient-rich as palm jaggery)
  • Extracted without the application of heat using the traditional cold-pressed method, thus retaining all the natural flavor and natural nutrients
  • NO chemicals, fillers, solvents, or preservatives EVER

Taste & Aroma:

Brimming with fresh sesame aroma, with a hint of natural sesame bitterness.

Cold pressed Sesame oil